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Breezy Point
  Sport Loop
  Judson Loop


Buzzard's Roost

Dakota 50
  Part 1
  Part 2

Reuter Rampage

Loop 15 - Near Victoria Lake
Victoria Lake (with Victoria Secret)
Victoria Lake

M Hill Hanson Larson Memorial Park
M Hill Hanson Larson Memorial Park - 3D Map

Paha Sapa Trails

Storm Mountain
(without Bighorn Sheep loop)
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  Storm Mountain   
(w/Pheonix & Pet Cemetary)

Trail 40L - Deerfield Lake Loop

Trail info can be had already from our local USFS office. They've got free maps to the Centennial Trail (over 100 miles of singletrack through the heart of the Hills), Deerfield and Deerfield Lake Loop trails, Crow Peak, Big Hill, Silver City and other worthy riding.
Don't forget the Mickelson Trail that covers 100+ miles of Rails to Trails riding on the historic rail grades built many years ago to extract riches of gold from them thar Hills!